The Be Team partners with St. V’s

Join us on January 23 2020 at 10:00 am-noon as we assemble 100 bag lunches for the hungry in our community!

This will be a time of encouraging one another and at the same time giving of ourselves to serve others…

Be sure to get a FREE ticket at the link below and stay tuned for a sign up sheet with items needed to pack in the lunch bags!



I will never forget the day I found out that the bumblebee defies the laws of science and does what God intended for it to do – FLIES ANYWAY!

This pretty much sums up the majority of my life! My life defied the laws of well, EVERYTHING. But because of Christ, I can be the best of what I want to be because He has prepared me to meet the desire of my heart.

He has healed my broken past and shown me what it means to BE forgiven.

He has given me hope and covered my shame so that I can BE redeemed.

He has loved me endlessly, showing me that I don’t need a substitute, but I can BE confident.

He has protected me in the midst of 10 major car accidents, showing me what it means to BE faithful.

I live each day radiant with joy because I can BE in His presence.

He comforts me , cares for me, and guides me, therefore He must BE my shepherd.

There are so many more Be’s I have learned from Christ and it is my desire to BE a light for Him as I write, journal, and give my all.

I believe that so many that are hurting in the world today have been emotionally and spiritually stung by a bee and walk around as if the stinger is still there. I have been there. It hurts. I have lived a life where shame and fear were the main ingredients and all I could do was…… nothing. I couldn’t BE anything in that condition.

I want to BE a part of helping others fly anyway! It’s not always a quick change, but when guided by the truth in God’s Word, we will BE free from everything that holds us back from being the best He wants us to BE!

Radiant with joy,


Psalm 34:4-5 NLT

Plan BE

The Be Team… who we are and why we are here!

I know what you’re thinking… B TEAM… I want to be on the A TEAM!! Of course you do sister, we all do! The truth is most of us aren’t equipped to start there… we have some growing to do! BUT at The BE team… this isn’t about being second string or competing for a position. This is about BEING who God created you to BE! 

On the Be Team… we want to encourage you to focus on who you are meant to Be. We want to help you get beyond the past, lay down regrets, guilt or shame…we don’t believe God wants that for any of us. We want to listen to who you want to Be and help you get there. We want you to stop telling yourself lies that aren’t true. Why do we do that?? My Goodness, our minds can be used for good and so often we allow evil to sneak in. So many of us say things to ourselves that we would never say to another person. We repeat fears and failures. We have to stop… I know what happens when we feed our minds negative thoughts, we have negative outcomes. So, what if we flipped the script? Let’s tell ourselves what God believes about us. That we were made for a time such as this, that we were created in His image, that HE LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT and if we will rely on Him, He will see us through. Ephesians 3:16-20 tells us that through prayer and faith, He dwells in us. WOW!! AND… He who is able will do more than we ask or can imagine. Did you hear that?? So stop thinking small or convincing yourself you’re not worth it. 

You know what I think the first step is ? Deciding that you are tired of being tired, you are done with the lies and the fear. Deciding that you are worth it… that you can make something great of your life or accomplish your dreams! I think it’s getting past the worries of what others will think and decide what you think has value and is worth being heard.

Then, you know what else I think we need to do? Focus on what you can do NOW! Yes, the big picture is beautiful, but it can also feel overwhelming. So, what can you do today to get you closer to where you want to be??? 

Another thing, we have to agree that all dreams and goals are worthy! I think we get caught up in “she’s building an orphanage and I just want to have family meal time 3 out of 7 days”… don’t think like that! Yes, it’s wonderful that she is building an orphanage but what are you called to do? It’s different for all of us (and family meals is a great place to start!). So, we have to stop the negative comparison that makes us feel less than. Maybe you are called to be a stay at home mom, put your best efforts there. What if you are raising the very child that is going to be an evangelist leading many to Christ or a scientist that finds a cure for cancer? 

We know that small daily accomplishments lead to a life well lived! So here at the Be Team… we want you to just BE!!! Be present and focused on TODAY. Be excited for your future and trust that you can do great things. Be confident in who God made you to be and don’t let past regrets determine who you are now or hold you back from your future. Our hope for you…that you will Be bold in your faith, trusting God to help you become who He designed you to be. YES, we want you to Be the BEST VERSION of YOU!

Be confident, Be bold… BE YOU!