The Be Team Game Plan

A place for all women to BE!

It doesn’t matter who you are, we believe that you have value.

We want to know you and hear your thoughts. We want to include you at our table and get to know what matters to you.

We want to encourage you to live your life at it’s fullest now rather than focusing on past regrets.

We want to help you see hope in your future.

We want to empower you to take a chance on yourself, to trust what your gut is telling you, to know that you are capable.

We want you to pursue your passions.

We believe that we are all created in the image of God. We believe that in our weakness, He is strong.

What we see as average, He can use as GREAT!

On the Be Team, we want you to

Be confident, Be bold, Be you!

Hi, I’m Jessica Bettencourt, founder of The BE Team. I know what you’re thinking… I want to be on the A team. TRUST me, we all do, but I believe we all have to start right where we are and grow into our true purpose. I want to empower the average woman to recognize her greatness. When we can get past self-doubt, negative talk and fear of failure… we can take our “average” to great. I believe God created each of us for a purpose and He will use each of us if we allow Him too. So TODAY… let’s BE CONFIDENT in who we are, BE BOLD in our FAITH and BE the YOU that God created you to BE!

Hello! I am Kelly McGarry, co creator of The BE Team. I am a creative thinker and a visual storyteller, but truth be told, I never felt like I “fit in.” After years of dealing with guilt, shame, and fear, I finally found freedom and confidence through the promises of God. All it took was for me to honestly seek Him and realizing He is all I need! I can’t wait to share how God has made each of us unique and has given us gifts that we can use for His glory. Rather than turning away in fear, I want to show women how to discover their individuality and live confidently in that truth. I believe that the BE Team is going to give women a place to release and reclaim the life that God wants them to have. Rather than making it complicated and unrealistic, I want women to simply find joy in learning who God is and who He wants them to BE!