Meet Kelly

Kelly is someone who loves to share her passion for God’s Word and it is evident by the joyful smile she wears on her face. It should not be surprising to anybody that knows Kelly to hear that she is teaching God’s Word in visual and creative ways.

Kelly was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and went to the School for Creative and Performing Arts for elementary and high school until her senior year. At that time her family moved to Waterville Ohio where she graduated from Anthony Wayne High School. Kelly was very active in her youth group in Cincinnati and regularly wrote devotions, sang, played her flute, and genuinely cared for other people.

After several years of living life “her own way”, God revealed to Kelly that He had a plan for her and wanted her to just BE who HE created her to be. Stained by the shame of her past decisions and fears that made this seem unattainable , Kelly broke free from the chains of so many strongholds holding her back.

“I am survivor of 10 car accidents that paralyzed me with fear of driving but that has not stopped me from chasing God’s plan for my life! God has helped me shake off the shame , the fear, the feeling that I’m not qualified. He has called me to Be a confident woman who can make a difference in the lives of others. With a grateful heart, and the grace of God I am living as a forgiven and redeemed daughter of the King. Christ has changed me in ways that I could have never changed myself.”

Kelly’s career has been in property management for 30 years. 30 years of watching lives that flourished and lives that crumbled through the journey of her residents. Kelly was always faithful to be there to encourage, listen, and love during the most vulnerable times of peoples lives. These stories have stirred a passion in her heart to encourage people to see hope in situations that may seem hopeless. Kelly is currently in the final season of property management and excited to see how God is going to use her in the days ahead.

In January of 2020, Kelly will officially be a Bible Journaling Coach for The Bright Bible, an international ministry that leads women to the heart of Christ through creativity.

Kelly is a speaker, writer, and loves Toby Mac music! She loves to worship in the midst of the storm and thrives on telling others about God.

Always radiant with joy, Kelly lives her life on the promise God made in His word:

“I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.” Psalm 34:4-5 NLT

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